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The Nasihah Adventure

Hours of fun!

A fun packed game with 56 cards on each of the 7 subjects from the An Nasihah Islamic Curriculum Series. Challenge your self through the easy and difficult cards to make your way home from an amazing adventure journeying through famous Islamic landmarks!

The rule book

Download a digtal copy of the playing instructions to help you get the best of the game!

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The Nasihah Adventure

Board Game

A fast-paced quest for Islamic knowledge. Race against time as you discover the treasures of Islam. A board game for the family; combining fun and knowledge into a box of happiness and excitement, creating an educational adventure for everyone to enjoy.

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61 reviews for The Nasihah Adventure Board Game

  1. Aamena, Leicester

    Alhamdulillah delivery was very prompt and we really enjoyed playing and learning from The Nasihah Adventure together with my niece and nephew! Excellent to keep them connected during madrasa holiday too mashaAllah. Also gifted one to my cousin, who said “JazakAllah for the thoughtful gift… It’s a gift they’ll have for a lifetime iA and can learn plenty from ❤️”

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